Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grab the free ticket to PERTH!!

WOW!! Feeling nak gi melancong makin terasa!!
but let's check out our NEXT FREE VACATION!!

picts from the video~

WOW!! Wonderful PERTH!!
So,after we fly to SWISS next week, we gonna play with kangaroo at PERTH next year !!
SO... to all my biz partners, we have less than 2 months to grab the ticket~
Come on~!!
macam Kak Ana cakap malam tadi " kalau orang nk bagi free, takkan nak beli" all my blog visitors, if u interested to fly with us, or wanna know how we get it? Plz do not hesitate to call me.. we will help you!~

Something will colour your life~~

p/s: to all my future qualifiers to PERTH! plz get ur passport asap!!

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