Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pengantin will look beautiful when wear PB!

Attention to all brides!!
As u know,
every woman dreaming of a beautiful body on wedding day!!
because it once in a lifetime rite?? 

before that,
 let see our top singer. Siti Nurhaliza.She looked gorgeous in her wedding day!!

hurmm..erra fazira also looks really beautiful in her wedding...rite??

So,want a beautiful body???? Like siti nurhaliza??

Look gorgeous on your wedding day with 
its a no 1 miracle corset in Malaysia

You worry if u feel hot when wear a corset??
but not if u use the PB!!..100% guarantee!!

PB fabric contains technology akwateq n akwadyne!!  

The fabric acts like iron
If hot, the fabric stretches and causes the air in
If cold, the fabric will shrink and your body will feel warm
magic rite??

Both of my happy customer has been using PB on their happy day!!

Liza Rahman!!

Masitah Mokhtar!!


What r u waiting for??
Book your miracle corset now!!

we accept cash/credit card/installment (no interest)

P/s: Hurm... sekarang ni kan musim kahwin2...
so many invitation cards at my home...kena pegi gak ni...

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Nor ' Atikah bt NorBaki said...

price die buat mase ni bp?
normal price die bp sbnrnye?